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#102 - How My Self-Care Started My Business With Faith Broussard Cade

March 25, 2019 Deanna Mason & Kelly Burton Season 1 Episode 102
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
#102 - How My Self-Care Started My Business With Faith Broussard Cade
Show Notes

It’s hard enough to balance family, motherhood, business, and self-care, but throw any big wrench into that mix, and some of us find ourselves crumbling to a heap. Life took Faith Broussard Cade down this road last year. While working as a mental health therapist, running a baking business, and being a wife and mom to a toddler, the aftermath of a car accident left Faith on medical leave and searching for a way to breathe new life into her own self-care. 

Her methodical and simple choice to write affirming notes to herself - and share them via social media - changed the trajectory of her recovery, her business, and her outlook on all of it.

In this episode, we deep-dive with Faith on the topic of work-life balance, and how self-care does not have to be sacrificed during the season of motherhood or the pursuit of a successful business.

What we discuss - don’t miss it! 

  • Balancing the running of a business with raising children is hard! We have to do what is best for our own families, and that often looks different than what we see on social media.
  • Marking out time every day - no matter how small! - to move business along and to care for ourselves.
  • How a car accident left Faith with a concussion and mild traumatic brain injury - and how this altered her life as a mom and entrepreneur as well as how she practices self-care. 
  • Giving ourselves grace instead of imposing our own mom-guilt.
  • Solo trips to Target really can fill our self-care cups.
  • What self-care looks like on a limited budget.
  • Self-care from a Christian perspective is not only not selfish, but also a ministry

“What I have figured out is, I have to do what works for my family.” 13:11

“I give myself a lot of grace and I do away with the guilt.” 17:50

“If your bandwidth is one task a day to move your business forward, that’s perfectly okay.” 21:20

“Surely everyone can find five minutes for themselves every day.” 31:45

“I do not believe God requires us to be a martyr… to be humiliated in the name of love. He already did that for us.” 39:45

“You don’t have to have anything on your schedule to be unavailable.” 52:30

“‘No’ is a complete sentence...” 53:30


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