The Refreshed Life Podcast

#103 - Working Well With the Time You Have

April 01, 2019 Season 1 Episode 103
The Refreshed Life Podcast
#103 - Working Well With the Time You Have
The Refreshed Life Podcast
#103 - Working Well With the Time You Have
Apr 01, 2019 Season 1 Episode 103
Deanna Mason & Kelly Burton
Deanna and Kelly discuss Deanna’s step-by-step, life-giving time management system that will bring new confidence and clarity to mompreneurs as they build an online business around their busy lives.
Show Notes

Is life leaving you feeling less than refreshed? The stress of trying to get everything done is the #1 issue Deanna hears from coaching clients and the Refreshed Moms community. How do we carve out time so that we can approach our daily and weekly routines with confidence and clarity? 

In this episode, Deanna and Kelly discuss Deanna’s step-by-step time management system that will bring sanity to your life, even with all of the unexpected twists and turns in a mompreneur’s life. With the tools shared here, you will create a life-giving workflow that will bring new intention, focus, and inspiration to your business.

What we discuss - don’t miss it! 

  • Why over-commitment is the reason you feel out of control and frazzled.
  • How to carve out time for what matters to you without feeling like you’re dropping balls everywhere.
  • Why comparing ourselves to male mentors may set us up for unrealistic expectations.
  • Why creating an effective workflow breathes life into us and empowers you to move your goals forward in a systematic way.
  • How we can apply the same inherent innovation we moms have with home and kids  to finding ways to get work tasks done.
  • Why multitasking is not your friend and nearly burned Deanna’s house down. 
  • The 3 step process
  • Why not filling every block of time in your schedule is critical in creating your success. 


“If they’re not trying to do this (run a business) with children playing LEGOS under their desk, then we’re not on the same playing field.”

“Because of our ability (as mothers) to be innovative to get things done, we’ve got to apply that same innovation to our workflow.”

“You have to know what you have to do and see it in black and white, otherwise you end up with such unrealistic expectations for yourself and nothing gets done.”

“This is going to empower you to move your business forward in a systematic way, but it’s also going to protect your sanity while you do it.”


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