Anything But Vanilla Podcast

Episode 174: Sexy Times For The ABV

October 15, 2020 Anything But Vanilla Season 1 Episode 74
Anything But Vanilla Podcast
Episode 174: Sexy Times For The ABV
Show Notes

Ooooooooooooo lala… what do vibrators, blowjobs and ABV have in common? All three get ya going and satisfy that itch that you just needed to be scratched, duh! This weeks episode is all about the saxxxxy times, so listeners (especially our mom s and family members) beware! Pop in your head phones, don’t let your kids listen and if this weeks episode title doesn’t get you buzzin' during these terrible times in our country and world, we just don’t know what will!

Welcome in to episode 74, where the vibrator content is bangin’ and the sex talk is dominating the episode.  This week in review brings listeners the good (fun times with friends getting bombed) and the bad (Fran needs sleep, its slowly breaking her). News of the week is  on the lighter side, during these heavy times Claire and Fran didn’t want to bring you down, so if you like having orgasms and everything fall related, this news is for you. A listener is seeking our advice this week regarding her contentment in her relationship-sans sex. Do you believe her? The ladies might surprise you in their lack of hate. The ladies are sharing their most embarrassing vibrator stories in this weeks, ask us anything. And they are cringeworthy. Shit the ladies like this week is skin care and food, highly predictable.  Lastly, this weeks hater is here, lets’ stop obsessing over a babies weight, mmmmkay?

Craft Cocktails Hibiscus Ginger and Vodka. 
1 bottle Craft Cocktails Hibiscus Ginger
Add 12 oz vodka. 
Put in fridge for three days. 
Take two shots and add Fevertree Hibiscus tonic to your taste

Did you enjoy the shows intro song? Thomas Castillo and his band Creamline, created ABV’s spectacular music. If you want to hear more from Creamline, you can find them on instagram @creamline916. In need of some advice? Want to ask us something weird or embarrassing and have us answer it live? Looking to slide into our DM’s?

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