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173: A Former Protestant Pastor Unpacks the Rosary (w/ Keith Nester)

September 28, 2022 K. Albert Little, Keith Nester
The Cordial Catholic
173: A Former Protestant Pastor Unpacks the Rosary (w/ Keith Nester)
Show Notes

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I'm joined by my good friend Keith Nester, a former Protestant pastor, to unpack the rosary. What exactly do we do when we're praying the rosary? How do we pray it more fruitfully and more authentically? How can we avoid the trap of "vain repetition" that Protestants often accuse Catholics of. And more.

Keith explains how the rosary is a Bible study, a sermon series, and a recounting of the life of Christ that we can enter into again and again, each time discovering new fruits from God.

Keith Nester is a former Protestant pastor – he spent over 20 years in ministry before converting to Catholicism. Keith is the host of the Catholic Feedback podcast and has an incredibly popular YouTube channel (that I'm sure you've already heard of).

You can find the Rosary Crew on YouTube, too.

To check out Keith's book, Unpacking the Mysteries of the Rosary visit his website.

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