Faith in Business
The LIFE Center | An Overview of Our Nonprofit Efforts and Mission
The LIFE Center | An Overview of Our Nonprofit Efforts and Mission 30:35 How Do We Handle the Chaos of Business? 34:07 What is the Identity of Your Business? 29:27 Give, Give, Give | Unpacking What it Means to Live to Give 32:15 Inviting the Productivity of the Kingdom into Your Business 31:50 Faith Versus Fear 29:04 Can your business be blessed? 31:11 How do we add value to our business? 30:34 Provision in Business 32:34 How Do We Handle Betrayal in Business? 32:34 Building a Better Business 32:17 Money and Business 32:37 Finding Joy in Your Work Week 30:33 How Do We Respond to Obstacles Like Jesus? 31:42 The Obstacles to Sonship (in business) 30:42 Viewing Yourself and Your Work as a Mission and Overcoming Fear 32:38 Do You Want to Remove the Risk From Your Business? 32:44 Combining the Best of Faith and the Very Best of Business 29:09 Increase Your Provision By Having a Vision 31:20 Don't Put Your Business in a Box 30:57 An Authentic Look at the Challenges of Starting a Business 45:21 Ned Erickson | Discovering Your Identity and Navigating Tragedy 45:36 Dennis Kautz | Treating People Like Treasure 45:30 Joy Versus Complain in the Workplace 45:38 Community Partner Update and the Importance of Listening in Business 45:33