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Dan Mason-Taekwondo's Strongman

February 17, 2020 Dan Mason Season 1 Episode 51
Taekwondo Life Magazine's Podcast
Dan Mason-Taekwondo's Strongman
Show Notes

Dan Mason is Taekwondo's Strongman.   He is a Taekwondo Black Belt, Muay Thai practitioner, BJJ purple belt, and competitive Kickboxer.  Dan's martial arts pursuits culminated in a 4-0 kickboxing and a 9-2 MMA career.  Once he retired from competitive martial arts he found passion in CrossFit and opened CrossFit Thrive. He next progressed into Strongman Competition and Powerlifting.   He currently coaches online powerlifting and strongman teams.  Dan talks with Taekwondo Life about his life and training, about his upcoming marriage, and his incredible understanding of human physiology and biology.  Dan's understanding of the human body, together with his experience in Taekwondo and weightlifting has made him uniquely gifted at tailoring personalized strength and fitness routines for athletes and martial artists.

To Find out more about Dan Mason:

Instagram:          @strongman_Dan

YouTube:             Jacked Ginger

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