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The Importance of People & Culture in Construction

October 04, 2019 Andrew Hansen, James Faulkner, Christian Hamm, Justin Bontkes, Zach Staples Season 1 Episode 19
the Site Visit
The Importance of People & Culture in Construction
Show Notes

On this episode, we speak with Justin and Zack about the culture and process behind Caliber. We discuss how Caliber as a company has been able to build a culture and community that supports innovation, quality, and speed. And how this culture has propelled their growth and success. Throughout the episode, We speak with Zack and Justin about how they were able to build a culture and process that actually worked and wasn’t just writing on a wall. We discuss Caliber’s 1 Page Strategic Plan and how this document has played such a key role in defining who they are, where they are going, and what they do. Lastly, We dig into the core values of Caliber (own it, crush it, love it) and how these values have impacted who they hire, promote and work with. Justin and Zack provide insight into their relentless focus on putting the right people in the right seats to drive the business. As we know, The construction industry is all about people and process. This is a great episode to learn how to build culture, manage people and position a business for growth.  For business owners looking to transition from building projects to building a business, this is the one for you! 

About Caliber Projects :

Caliber Projects is a Construction Management firm based out of the Fraser Valley.  They specialize in multi-family residential projects. With over 20 staff and a unique approach to construction, Caliber has made a name for itself based on quality, speed, and innovation. Over the past 10 years, Caliber has delivered hundreds of projects.  Building over 1700 homes, and executing on over $100 million dollars of construction volume.

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