Third Eye Science

Ep 139: Learning to Love Yourself

February 16, 2022 Susan von Thun Episode 139
Third Eye Science
Ep 139: Learning to Love Yourself
Show Notes

Love is the greatest thing we can give the world, and yet many of us are not capable of giving it to ourselves. We don't learn how to love ourselves. In fact, as children, we are little balls of love, giving it to everyone, including ourselves. But then as we grow up, we are often conditioned to believe that self-love is selfish or narcissistic. Instead of finding love within, our culture teaches us to look for love, approval, and acknowledgment from others. If you're ready to do the hard work of reconditioning yourself and opening up to the true love within, here is how to start: radical honesty, self-inquiry, and meditation. Take an honest inventory of the behaviors you do that allow you to believe that you are separate from the love, get quiet. listen, journal on your contemplations. And repeat. Every day. It's really simple. But it requires dedication to unapologetically be you and love yourself for it—and to forgive yourself when you forget again! I've found that through this process, I have become freer, more willing, and able to love myself and others. I've found myself completely content without constantly searching for the approval of others. I am also now able to receive the love that is coming at me with a full and open heart.  

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