Third Eye Science

Ep 140: Creating the foundation for carrying more Light

February 23, 2022 Susan von Thun Episode 140
Third Eye Science
Ep 140: Creating the foundation for carrying more Light
Show Notes

As we continue to experience the intensity of tumult and transformation in ourselves and the world at large, it is more important than ever that we create a stable foundation within our bodies and energetic field. When you engage in a daily spiritual practice—which can be as simple or complex as you choose—you regulate your nervous system, balance your emotional and physical bodies, and elevate your energy. As you do this, you become more of your true self and you give other people permission to become more of themselves. We don't need a majority of humanity to shift our reality, all we need is a certain number of us who can hold the Light with conviction and grace. This is how we will transition into the Aquarian Age. This is how we integrate all of the Light energy we are receiving from the photo belt our planet is hurtling through. Sometimes, it may seem hopeless, but I believe we can make the shift. And we need YOU to be intentional about your actions, your thoughts, and the energy you put out into the world. 

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