Third Eye Science

Ep 142: Connecting with Compassion & Joy

March 23, 2022 Susan von Thun Episode 142
Third Eye Science
Ep 142: Connecting with Compassion & Joy
Show Notes

It's important to acknowledge and feel compassion for the people suffering in the world right now. But it is also critical to continue to connect with joy and love, despite the suffering. While conflicts and natural disasters may not impact you directly on a personal level, they lead to deep collective sadness, pain, and fear. During these times, I believe it is even MORE important to make sure you cultivate joy, happiness, love, and the ability to see the magic in small or even big life moments. These emotions and sensations not only fill up your energetic vessel but allow you to overflow that energy into the collective. The ebb and flow of energy is inherent in our natural world, and it is a part of being human. The more you connect with that natural rhythm, the more you will be able to help us shift humanity in a positive direction. Your self-care is also a gift for everyone around you. When your cup is full, you'll have more to give. Acknowledge and empathize with those suffering—including yourself—and then invite in the joy and love for even just one moment. We are all connected and each intentional moment has a great impact on the collective. 

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