Third Eye Science

TES 144: How can we respond with intention instead of reacting in the moment?

April 06, 2022 Susan von Thun Episode 144
Third Eye Science
TES 144: How can we respond with intention instead of reacting in the moment?
Show Notes

Many of us are constantly reacting to the world around us. We get triggered by something and let the defensive comeback fly.  Something happens, and you have to take control. But how can we respond to the people and situations around us with intention, grace, and clarity? To me, the first step is to pause. You get an email at work asking you to do something that isn't in your job description, or telling you that something is happening when they should have consulted you and your team first. What do you do? Just go along with it? Send a dramatic reaction? If you insert a short (or long) pause before you respond, it can shift the energy. Be curious about why it is triggering you. Sit with it for a little while. Then draft an intentional response. And sit with it again.  Our culture expects everything to be done yesterday, and the truth is, the only way that will change is if we insert a little breathing room into the process ourselves. As we continue to go-go-go, we risk burnout, resentment, and health complications from chronic stress. If we take some time to pause, listen, and intentionally respond, we are building a more sustainable way to live—for ourselves and for others. 

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