Third Eye Science

Ep 153: Embrace the process—there is no RIGHT way to evolve

August 10, 2022 Susan von Thun Episode 153
Third Eye Science
Ep 153: Embrace the process—there is no RIGHT way to evolve
Show Notes

If you are here, absorbing what I put into the world, you are actively engaged with your spiritual journey. The truth is, everyone is on a spiritual journey, but YOU are intentional about self-inquiry, self-awareness, and the process of your evolution. People often look to others for answers when they first awaken to the idea that there's more to life than what we've been told. But here's the thing, no one can tell you how, what, when, or where you should be doing this because there is no RIGHT way to do this. We are all completely unique, with a perspective that is all our own. Having teachers, guides, and mentors to help counsel and encourage you along the way is critical, but ultimately, you are the one steering your ship. Embrace the process. You are exactly where you're supposed to be. Let the knowledge that you can't be wrong on a spiritual path free you to explore. Have fun with it. Be curious. Embrace the process. That's what this thing we call life is all about!

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