Babies x Bellinis

Peek-a-Boo Baby

July 16, 2019 Season 1 Episode 16
Babies x Bellinis
Peek-a-Boo Baby
Babies x Bellinis
Peek-a-Boo Baby
Jul 16, 2019 Season 1 Episode 16
Ericka, KayAlex, and Casey Renae
Toenails & Tendrils
Show Notes

After discussing pregnancy and postpartum in episodes 14 and 15, the ladies of BxB felt it in their hearts to speak on baby. But not just any baby topic. Today's topic covers the Peek-a-Boo Baby. You know, the baby who you only catch 'special' glimpses of on the social media: the baby's big toe, a curly tendril, or a tiny hand. The Blue Ivy Effect, if you will. Join KayAlex, Ericka, and Casey Renae as they discuss newborn introductions on social media, the dangers, and the possible underlying reasons why the new, squishy baby hasn't been revealed.

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