Babies x Bellinis

Creativity Killers

September 03, 2019 Season 1 Episode 23
Babies x Bellinis
Creativity Killers
Babies x Bellinis
Creativity Killers
Sep 03, 2019 Season 1 Episode 23
Ericka, KayAlex, and Casey Renae
I ain't a killa, but don't push me...
Show Notes

It’s no secret: Parenting can be frustrating. Homework out the wah-zoo, an abundance of extra-curricular activities, expecting perfection, messy creative outlets (slime, play-doh, and LEGO’s...oh, my!), and the list goes on. Booked and Busy is an understatement. But do we know how our frustration impacts our kids? Tune in as the ladies of BxB talk about how we as parents can be Creativity Killers – eek!  We may or may not have gotten through the entire topic…because, draaank! 


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