Babies x Bellinis

Let Your Freak Flag Fly w/ Reba the Diva

October 22, 2019 Season 1 Episode 30
Babies x Bellinis
Let Your Freak Flag Fly w/ Reba the Diva
Babies x Bellinis
Let Your Freak Flag Fly w/ Reba the Diva
Oct 22, 2019 Season 1 Episode 30
Ericka, KayAlex, and Casey Renae | Reba the Diva
All the things health class didn't teach you
Show Notes

It's the  S E A S O N   F I N A L E ! ! !

Tune in as the ladies of Babies x Bellinis wrap up Season 1 by sitting down to chat with our newly-appointed Resident Sex Expert, Reba the Diva. Reba is a Sexuality Educator and the Founder and CEO of Sexpert Consultants, LLC in Washington, D.C. Sexpert Consultants LLC is dedicated to bridging the adult sexual health education gap by creating a fun, pleasure-positive learning environment for adults to explore sensuality, increase confidence and enhance intimate experiences. Aiming to demystify and normalize conversations about sex, sexual health, self-care and intimacy, Reba is providing us with all of the sexual education we didn't learn in health class. Annnd she is also a mom, so she gets us!!

Warning: Moms like sex, too  . . . This episode is not for sensitive ears.

Connect with Reba on Instagram and Twitter @rebathediva and via her website @

To learn more about her education services, visit her company at and on Instagram @sexpertconsultants

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