Babies x Bellinis

To Be, or Snot to Be?

December 10, 2019 Season 2 Episode 3
Babies x Bellinis
To Be, or Snot to Be?
Babies x Bellinis
To Be, or Snot to Be?
Dec 10, 2019 Season 2 Episode 3
Ericka, Kay Alex, and Casey Renae
Keep your snot at home, bih!
Show Notes

'Tis the season for FLU! *insert high-pitched scream* Bruhhhhh ... 
The weather has fully changed, leaves are falling from the trees, and our kids are walking petri dishes. Hand Sanitizer, STAT!

Tune in as the ladies of Babies x Bellinis discuss sending your kids to school while sick with green, infected snot; Ericka Danni pulls out her illuminati/conspiracy theorist card regarding flu shots; Kay Alex's children tried to kill the family with essential oils; and some cold remedies for kids and adults.

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