Episode 2: Lessons

April 04, 2019 Season 1 Episode 2
Episode 2: Lessons
Episode 2: Lessons
Apr 04, 2019 Season 1 Episode 2
Molly Barber and Brigid Barber
Trains, puppets, and the Ballet
Show Notes

In the summer of 1981, Miss Molly traveled by train each week from Baltimore to New York to visit The Great Jones Studio. Eighteen years later, Brigid would spend a couple hours each morning eating cereal and watching TV. One thing these experiences have in common is puppets. Episode 2 of Mirrored, picks up right where we left off. Listen to hear what happened next. Love ya friends!

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Hosted and Produced by Molly Barber and Brigid Barber.
Theme song adapted from an original by David Spangler.
Background music by Mike Maguire.
Music by Mike Maguire (piano) and Jacob Moore (bass).
Music produced and engineered by Santiago Cardenas.

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