Episode 3: Guests

April 18, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
Episode 3: Guests
Episode 3: Guests
Apr 18, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
Molly Barber and Brigid Barber
What do Easter eggs, clowns, tongue twisters, and snakes have in common? This episode.
Show Notes

We don't always question the objects placed around our homes by our parents. Often we think they are just things, but sometimes they carry more meaning. On this episode of Mirrored, Brigid asks Molly about the stories behind the drawings, the statues and even the painted wooden eggs that have been around for decades.After all these years she is finally learning more about them.

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Hosted and Produced by Molly Barber and Brigid Barber.
Theme song adapted from an original by David Spangler.
Background music by Mike Maguire.
Music by Mike Maguire (piano) and Jacob Moore (bass).
Music produced and engineered by Santiago Cardenas.

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