Coolest Nerds in the Room

Kickin' SaaS w/ Tricia Howard

July 17, 2019 InfoSteph and Madblkman Episode 15
Coolest Nerds in the Room
Kickin' SaaS w/ Tricia Howard
Show Notes

This week we have another dope guest on the show by the name of Tricia Howard! Tricia's a native Texas living in the big apple and she joins us to chat with us about how she ended up getting into cybersecurity, how she doesn't let her Twitter consume her, and how she loves to pay the tab on first dates!

- 00:30 - Beginning
- 01:30 - Tricia enters the building
- 06:00 - How Tricia goes from artist to Cybersecurity Thought Leader
- 12:00 - How Tricia tripped into sales
- 15:00 - How Tricia switched from Survival Mode to Career Mode
- 16:45 - The importance of learning the culture of technology
- 23:30 - What are the younger generations going to say about millennial's when we get older?
- 26:00 - Tricia talks about her transition from cold calling to her current situation
- 29:05 - Did you assess any risk before trying a startup?
- 32:00 - How Tricia maintain her work/life balance
- 39:40 - What Tricia’s Twitter presence provides her
- 46:35 - Where do we draw the line when it comes to maintaining your ideas or beliefs?
- 51:53 - Love-n-Tech w/ Tricia
- 54:35 - Why Show-mances don’t work
- 01:01:30 - The Reality of dating as a successful woman
- 01:08:15 - Does Tricia shoot her shot?
- 01:22:40 - What’s Tricia’s favorite musical?

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