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230: Rest, You Are Observed | sermon

March 24, 2021 Jesse Schreck
Missions Incorporated
230: Rest, You Are Observed | sermon
Show Notes

In Mark 2:23 - 3:6 we see Jesus being observed and accused while He demonstrates Himself to be God and Lord of the sabbath. 

In this message, we learn a number of things:

  • The importance of Enjoying a sabbath rest as a gift from God
  • To be rightly troubled
  • To decide what we will do with the true Jesus, the sovereign and holy God of the Bible
  • To remember that we are observed by others - we must live worthy of the call - but we are also observed and interceded for by Christ Himself who was nailed to a tree and observed while carrying our sins upon Himself to satisfy God the Father's wrath.

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