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The Bible/ Proverbs

June 25, 2019 Rev Ali Morley
Rev Alis Podcast
The Bible/ Proverbs
Show Notes

PROVERBS 20 (Good News version.... translation makes a huge difference here)

9 A gossip can never keep a secret. Stay away from people who talk too much.

20 If you curse your parents, your life will end like a lamp that goes out in the dark.

21 The more easily you get your wealth, the less good it will do you.

22 Don't take it on yourself to repay a wrong. Trust the Lord and he will make it right.

23 The Lord hates people who use dishonest scales and weights.

24 The Lord has determined our path; how then can anyone understand the direction his own life is taking?

25 Think carefully before you promise an offering to God. You might regret it later.

26 A wise king will find out who is doing wrong, and will punish him without pity.

27 The Lord gave us mind and conscience; we cannot hide from ourselves.

28 A king will remain in power as long as his rule is honest, just, and fair.

29 We admire the strength of youth and respect the gray hair of age.

30 Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways.