Mommying While Muslim

Queer Muslim Kids

September 16, 2021 Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri Season 2 Episode 29
Mommying While Muslim
Queer Muslim Kids
Show Notes

We get a lot of SOS messages from queer Muslim kids and what better way to answer them than by bringing on Erum Rani, founder of Iftikhar Community, who shares her journey of coming out and what that meant mentally and spiritually for her. Hear firsthand what it’s like inside the mind and heart of a queer Muslim child before rejecting them, and how cultural taboos oppress the most important relationship they have: with Allah.


Special note: Talking about something that the general Muslim community fears or ostracizes does not make it an endorsement or convert anyone into being queer. Talking about it WILL  humanize the people we are so quick to love when we “control them” and often too quick to reject when they make adult decisions that ultimately they’re responsible for. It’s not love them “anyway.” It’s, just love them. 


Links: (Often guests provide their social media handles or websites)

  1. Contact Erum at
  2. Learn more @iftikharcommunityoftexas
  3. Support for South Asian parents of queer kids:
  4. Web:
  5. Email:
  6. FB: Mommying While Muslim page and Mommyingwhilemuslim group
  7. IG: @mommyingwhilemuslimpodcast
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