Mommying While Muslim

Si se puede habeebti

November 25, 2021 Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri Season 3 Episode 39
Mommying While Muslim
Si se puede habeebti
Show Notes

Hazel Gomez of Muslim Power Building Project joins us today to talk about Latinos at the forefront of social justice in America. As leaders in the movement for change, Latina Muslims especially are culturally endowed with assets and experiences that lend them towards success. She’s a great reminder of history and how Muslims have always been a part of social and political change in America, such that no movement is for any one people; we are all touched by the othering of any community. Her anecdotes are sure to tear your hearts out and make you want to fight the good fight. 

Find out how to get active and effective, the necessity of allyship for and by Muslims from all backgrounds, as well as current projects Hazel is organizing both locally and nationally, WITH a bun in the oven masha’Allah. The work doesn’t stop, y’all. We aren’t a complacent people per our faith tradition, and the time to get educated and involved is always. Si se puede habeebti (yes we can [Spanish] my love [Arabic]).

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