Mommying While Muslim

Muslim Adoption & FC Common Q's

December 16, 2021 Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri Season 3 Episode 43
Mommying While Muslim
Muslim Adoption & FC Common Q's
Show Notes

Cultivating Families out of Texas has this core belief: when all faith communities care for foster and adopted children, NO CHILD WILL BE LEFT TO NAVIGATE LIFE ALONE. This really resonated with us and Executive Director and Rev. Amy Becezny and Board member Sarah Haider Alam of CF are on today to share their journeys of adoption, but more importantly, a lot of the challenges that come with building a family through adoption. These challenges can break a mom in the making before she even lifts off, unless she has faith, and to that end, CF brings together families of faith to fulfill their dreams of closeness to God as well as to serve His creation as he commands. The spiritual development of our children is as important as their physical and emotional safety, and this is why we mom every day. 

Listen to some of the domestic and international requirements for adoptio, common questions that come up specifically for Muslim considering either path, and get inspired.



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