Mommying While Muslim

Narratives from Foster Frontlines

December 23, 2021 Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri Season 3 Episode 44
Mommying While Muslim
Narratives from Foster Frontlines
Show Notes

Aisha Mshood joins us today as a mom who fostered to adopt and continues to foster children in America in hopes of building the family of her dreams. Her commitment to her children is awe-inspiring, as is her COMPLETE reliance on and in Allah SWT during a process that is not easy. From catfishing to fostering, to all the blocks falling into place just when they needed to be to be called “mom,” Aisha is a resource for anyone who has considered all the reasons not to foster or adopt…..we only need one reason to do something good, y’all. 

Please remember to pray for ease for Aisha and her family so that all the kids in her care get the best possible in this world and the next. Ameen.


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