Mommying While Muslim

When They’re “All Grown Up”

January 20, 2022 Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri Season 3 Episode 48
Mommying While Muslim
When They’re “All Grown Up”
Show Notes

Chaplain Kirsten Jawad joins us today to engage in thoughtful conversation about parenting mindfully in an era when our young people are so much more dynamic than in the past–from flying the nest to staying in it and what work is required to keep our relationships healthy, faithful, and rewarding. While it’s great that our kids don’t want to leave yet, we still serve in our maternal roles to support their continued independence, resilience, and to help our mom-adult child relationship reach another level. Even when our kids fall off the path of Islam, there is a place for us to guide them back as adults without going nuclear (Uzma!!!) using the Kristenism “carefrontations” to bring them back home. It’s about maternal mindset and truly having tawwakul (truly trusting God’s plan) Allah, as well as tawwakul in our kids and our momselves!  Write down her 5 rules to mommying that can make a difference with all ages, but really apply to our adult Muslim kids!


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