Voice what Matters: the Podcast

Man Up! How does trying to sound masculine affect your voice?

April 27, 2020 Christine & Lindsay
Voice what Matters: the Podcast
Man Up! How does trying to sound masculine affect your voice?
Show Notes

Hey Friends, 

In this episode, we explore deeper sociological issues around masculinity, and how trying to sound masculine might be impacting and even impeding your vocal expression. 

The pressures men face to have a deep, masculine-sounding voice are real, and often, our male clients, to get what they think is that sound, end up pressing their voices down in a way that makes their voices sound monotone, mumbly and trapped. 

This is a pressure that faces both men and women because a deeper, more ‘masculine’ sound is also associated with more gravitas and authority, so women also try to emulate this sound, and often in the same way, by pressing their voices down. 

The issue with this pressing down strategy is it lowers your voice pitch potentially beyond where your voice wants to sit naturally, so you’re having to suppress not just your voice but maybe also your feelings so that your voice doesn’t move. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting a more masculine sound in your voice, but there are healthier ways to find it. 

Themes that come up are: 
1. the difference between a lower pitch and a deeper resonance, and how to find both vocally 
2. Exploring the idea that maybe there are ways to be a man in a more empowered way? That involves putting yourself out there more vocally, being more honest about who you are, and in doing so letting more of your body resonate, so you can find that deeper resonance? 
3. Can this be true for women too who are wanting to access their deeper sound? 
4. Simple exercises you can do to feel the difference between pitch and resonance 

This masculinity issue can come up in a variety of performance and public speaking contexts, as well as personal communication contexts. We’re especially curious to hear from the men listening what questions this sparks for you and how this issue affects you. 

Take good care, 

Christine & Lindsay