Doc Talk: Venturing Beyond a Master's

Ep42. Tony Fantasia: Information Warfare & Advanced Game Theory

November 24, 2021 Allison
Doc Talk: Venturing Beyond a Master's
Ep42. Tony Fantasia: Information Warfare & Advanced Game Theory
Show Notes

If you haven't listened to Episodes 27 and 32, definitely go back and listen!  We are following Tony's journey, literally from DAY 1 in his PhD program all the way through the end!  Forever grateful for the idea Dr. Jean Wilson!

In today's episode, Mr. Tony Fantasia shares how he's narrowed/narrowing down his research focus.  He's exploring the factors that make some people more susceptible to being influenced by information warfare and game theory than others.  

Tony completed his undergrad at American Military University with a Bachelors in IT Management and earned his MBA with a focus in IT Management from the same institution. He's currently enrolled in a PhD program at the University of North Texas in the School of Information Science.

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Today, Tony is the Lead Data Scientist with the Air Force Civil Engineering Command - Air Force Installation Management Service Command and had just completed his first day of school for his doctoral program when we connected!

Early in his career, Tony served as an Army combat medic.  It was during a deployment to Afghanistan in the Spring of 2000 when he developed a web-based trauma catalogue to support the efforts at the combat support hospital where he was assigned.

At the time he didn't know it, but it was his work during that deployment that ultimately led him to pursue a PhD in his current field of study.

Tony is a fantastic artist and skilled in leather work.  View his work using the links below.

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