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Episode 6 - Matt Stover - A candle loses nothing by lighting another flame

June 11, 2019 Brett Friedman / Matt Stover Season 1 Episode 6
GivBk Sports Podcast
Episode 6 - Matt Stover - A candle loses nothing by lighting another flame
Show Notes

My guest today is a 2x NFL Super Bowl winner, an NFL Pro Bowler, a Baltimore Ravens Ring of Honor Inductee, Founder of The Matt Stover Foundation & the Stover Family Foundation as well as Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder of The Players Philanthropy Fund.

All of my distinguished guests deserve a platform like GivBk Sports Podcast to share the accomplishments they’ve made in the name of social responsibility. This particular guest is almost as decorated as a sports philanthropist as he was on the gridiron. He’s humble as pie and a ton of fun to boot, this is Mr Matt Stover!

Notes & Highlights

·      5:00 Learning how to be a good teammate and how to navigate a locker room as a young athlete will teach kids how to manage egos later in life

·      7:30 Competition breeds excellence because your tomorrow is not guaranteed. You should never need to be told to go work. You’ll never be great unless you put in the time.

·      13:30 Over 105 Players Philanthropy Fund accounts and counting

·      19:55 You don’t have to give your own funds, but you do want to make this world a better place. If it’s only about the game you’re playing, if it’s only there to serve you, when you get out of the league, it’s going to be very empty.

·      21:05 Takes & Fakes Trivia

·      26:10 Only 20% of NFL players have an ongoing use for their football career after they retire – we have to realize that we are our own entrepreneur, so education is critical

·      29:30 Some division 1 collegiate athletes don’t have enough money to buy toothpaste. They should be compensated by the universities in addition to their free education.

·      36:45 Giving back effort and love to your fellow man tends to build a stronger community

·      38:57 Brian Billick created the blueprint for a game manager quarterback. Trent Dilfer wasn’t too proud to stay within himself and Billick’s system.

·      47:40 I don’t allow failure to take me down. I allow failure to build me up. I allow failure to make me better and ensure that I have purpose in my life. 

·      52:10 What you need to know before kicking a game-winning field goal. It’s called The Zone.

57:15 Faith, Family, Friends and Football. Get involved in your community. Action is more important than your money. When you GivBk, it’s so much more gratifying than receiving.