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Episode 8 - Craig Hanson - A Growth Story

July 01, 2019 Brett Friedman Season 1 Episode 8
GivBk Sports Podcast
Episode 8 - Craig Hanson - A Growth Story
Show Notes

My guest today is a mentor of mine, a two-sport collegiate varsity letterman, one of the more impressive sports philanthropists that Pennsylvania has to offer and a 12-year veteran head coach of the Dickinson College Red Devils baseball program.

The opportunity to sit down with someone that molded me into the person I am today is a unique one. Coach Hanson saw an ambitious kid with pedestrian baseball skills at the college level and provided me with a path to navigate college life. When finishing beers seemed as important to me as finishing innings, Coach Hanson helped put me on a righteous track. Red Devils alumni and college athletes across the country have been asking about when this episode would drop, so without further ado, here’s Mr Craig Hanson!

Notes & Highlights

·      0:10:10 Every coach is an apprentice. You’re constantly learning and pushing yourself.
·      0:17:30 Helping Another Hand baseball clinic is one of Hanson’s favorite days of the year. Team Impact, Autism Speaks, Vs Cancer and Relay for Life are also among a litany of philanthropic efforts the Red Devils dive into head-first.
·      0:32:05 Coach Hanson locked down his 200th career win. Every win has a memory that goes with it.
·      0:38:00 The Victory Bone Collector Hat, a WalMart gem
·      0:42:35 Takes & Fakes Trivia
·      0:46:15 You can’t coach each kid the same way. The more you can read about from other coach’s experiences, the faster growth will manifest.
·      55:50 You should fail in practice. If you’re not failing in practice, you’re not practicing hard enough. Student-athletes gain perspective through our community service projects and interactions kids who have had 100 brain surgeries who would give anything to have one at bat.