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Episode 9 - Curt Yagi - R.O.C.K. n’ Roll Vibes

July 19, 2019 Brett Friedman Season 1 Episode 9
GivBk Sports Podcast
Episode 9 - Curt Yagi - R.O.C.K. n’ Roll Vibes
Show Notes

My guest today is the Executive Director of Real Options for City Kids in San Francisco’s Visitation Valley, the 2008 Best of the Bay Singer Songwriter, and RAW San Francisco’s Musician of the Year.

The GivBk Gang is pretty passionate about spreading our love from coast to coast as are our friends at DEED, and today we step into the mind of one the San Francisco Bay Area’s most talented musicians and sports philanthropists, a guy whose community impact was featured on NBC's Today Show, Mr Curt Yagi!

Notes & Highlights

·      0:02:50 Humble beginnings and parents as educators set Curt up for a life of GivBk

·      0:04:50 Curt still gets excited and brings the R.O.C.K. vibe whenever he walks into the gym, classroom or wherever there’s a program that day

·      0:09:30 Curt found soccer, baseball and wrestling to be a source of confidence, but he didn’t begin writing music until his father passed away

·      0:16:45 Curt’s fondest memories are of his dad bringing home sports gear from his school Physical Education classes

·      0:22:15 R.O.C.K. became the largest youth-serving organization in Visitacion Valley when they partnered with the state and public school district in 2009

·      0:26:35 You don’t always know what kind of an impact you’re making until you get mobbed by a group of kids who missed you

·      0:34:15 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia

·      0:40:05 Instilling qualities like self-confidence, problem-solving skills, empathy, relationship building and other ‘student level outcomes’ will enable R.O.C.K. kids to thrive as young adults

·      0:43:50 Warriors players like Kalena Azubukeas well as their cheerleaders and community relations personnel stop by R.O.C.K. and remind kids and staff that there are people out there that care about them. The GS Warriors are a class act.

·      0:53:35 R.O.C.K. is turning 25 this fall!