GivBk Sports Podcast

Episode 17 - Dedan Brozino - Leaves changing remind you of humble roots

November 22, 2019 Brett Friedman / Dedan Brozino Season 1 Episode 17
GivBk Sports Podcast
Episode 17 - Dedan Brozino - Leaves changing remind you of humble roots
Show Notes

Notes & Highlights

03:20 when you come from a small town, you learn how to like people

05:55 Dedan’s professional and personal philosophy is “get better every day and use that improvement to impact the people you surround yourself with” and he learned that from athletes he looked up to

08:45 Sports is a unifier of the people. Sports stands for leadership, teamwork, ethics, inspiration, and cooperation.

14:00 Dedan is a little like a turtle on a fence post - he doesn’t know how he got to where he is. What he does know is that he had help along the way.

16:30 Philanthropic fundraising is a relationship-driven business. People give to people, and an idea.

25:15 it’s a pinch-me moment - I have a key to the rose bowl

31:00 Rose Bowl’s donors are paramount because it doesn’t have an alumni base, it’s not a church, it’s not a hospital, but it is a chapel to so many people 

37:30 Dedan realized how The Rose Bowl humanizes us when Keith Jackson took him onto Kenny Chesney’s tour bus before a show. This led to a six-figure donation to honor Keith Jackson.

39:40 Jackie Robinson still holds the record for longest kick return for a touchdown at the Rose Bowl. This place is a museum. History is what makes this stadium so special.

44:00 Breaking News! The Rose Bowl Institute is right around the corner

45:00 Brandi Chastain’s goal during the world cup final was the first time that women were viewed on a level playing field as man. The Rose Bowl Institute is the next GivBk initiative at The Rose Bowl. Dedan wants to inspire the next generation.

47:30 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia

55:25 Happiness in employment requires alignment of core values with an organization’s mission. Personal brand development is the first step toward recognizing those core values.

59:45 The Rose Bowl is turning 100 years young. is where you can find out more about the stadium’s centennial celebration!