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Episode 18 - Brad & Zach Gilbert - Nobody Beats Father Time

December 06, 2019 Brett Friedman Season 1 Episode 18
GivBk Sports Podcast
Episode 18 - Brad & Zach Gilbert - Nobody Beats Father Time
Show Notes

Notes & Highlights
10:00 Both Gilbert guys showed poise in 1990

13:00 If Andre Agassi is a sports car, Brad Gilbert is a Chevy truck. Brad doesn’t have a secret coaching sauce, but he thinks it’s important to go to dinner with your player.

16:30 Nobody recognized the value in a loss and handled them with more grace than Andre Agassi. He’s also the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back.

24:15 Brad & Zach got more competitive playing each other in ping pong than they did on the tennis court

32:30 When you decide who you want to coach, you should want success more for your player than for yourself. You should want to make your player’s dream possible.

42:00 Roger Federer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Brad only scratched the surface of Brad’s philanthropic endeavors

43:45 Brad and Zach devoted time on the court at San Quentin Prison to provide inmates that had accumulated good behavior credits with a break from their reality. One inmate said that he’d have been able to avoid trouble as a teenager if he was introduced to tennis at that age. The lines and rules teach important values.

50:00 A lot of times in life, in business, you have to be competitive. You don’t have to be perfect. Just be satisfied with hard work.

54:00 Brad was a Warriors fan for 39 years before the recent streak of success #EastBaySportsPride

58:15 Visit BG Tennis nation in Greenbrae, CA! He might even have a stock market tip waiting for you ;)