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Episode 20 - Hayley Wickenheiser - "Go Mom!"

December 27, 2019 Brett Friedman Season 1 Episode 20
GivBk Sports Podcast
Episode 20 - Hayley Wickenheiser - "Go Mom!"
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Notes & Highlights
01:15 Did you know Hayley is becoming a doctor?!

04: 15 In a small town when you need bodies on the ice, girls have no trouble getting ice time. When you get older and you’re taking ice time away from boys, that’s when things got tough.

06:50 When Hayley was cut from her youth hockey team because “having a girl on the team is too difficult,” Hayley’s mom recognized this human rights roadblock and drove to the league coordinator’s house to right the wrong

10:30 Hayley’s first Olympic team roommate was a 35-year old math teacher and Hayley was a 15-year old math student. Hayley credits peers like this, who worked a full-time job and then trained for four hours, for leading by example and showing her how to be a pro, all while making no money doing it. Carrying on these women’s legacies was really important.

16:30 When Hayley skated onto the ice during the gold medal game in Sochi and saw her son holding a sign saying, “Go Mom”. Those are moments you never forget because you finally realize the impact you’re having.

18:30 7,000 people walk through the doors of WickFest events to compete and sign up to learn about mental health training, nutrition, and educational opportunities from the greatest minds and athletes in the world. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed up! All proceeds are generously donated to JumpStart and KidSport.

21:00 An outdoor game at 13,000 feet in the Himalayas was a defining moment. Thanks to Hayley, Indian women are now being given more ice time, an opportunity to work alongside men, and respect. These women are now being sponsored by Under Armour, and their lives have fundamentally changed.

26:10 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia

32:30 Hayley thinks there’s still a place for fighting in hockey, not because she likes fighting, but because it deters cheap hits and dirty shots and players taking advantage of one another

35:30 Hayley’s female women’s hockey team that had an Olympic dynasty paved the way for the US Women’s Soccer that is now demanding equal pay