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The Working Mom Mindset; Helping Working Mom Ditch the "Should" and Create A Life They Love and Are Excited About
002 - Including Acts of Kindness When You Already Have a Busy Family Life with Kim David, Project Stella Resources
March 26, 2019 Natalie Ihde / Kim David

We want to teach our kids to be kind. But how can we make sure we're teaching them the right thing? Our lives are so busy already, we can't fit in volunteering or service projects very often, if at all. Kim David, Project Stella Resources, takes us through what we can do, and what we may already be doing to help our kids R.O.C.K.!

Our guest today was Kim David, founder of Project Stella Resources.

Kim founded Project Stella Resources because she's worked in education for over 18 years. Many educators enter into the profession ready to impact the lives of their students but classroom management is a huge stress and can cause frustration, disappointment, and burn out.

As a teacher, Kim experienced this and always looked for creative ways to encourage her students to be more compassionate and kinder to each other. She also had parents during Parent/Teacher conferences ask her for tips on what they could do at home.

Project Stella Resources provides parents and educators with tips and resources so that we can transform our homes, classrooms, schools and communities with kids who Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness. When our kids R.O.C.K. they feel better about themselves, are able to focus on learning, and are encouraged to be and celebrate their uniqueness.

It is Kim's goal and passion that kids are inspired to do the acts of kindness and show compassion. They need the support and guidance from parents and educators. Kim helps this happen with less stress for the parent and teacher.

You can find Kim and Project Stella by clicking on the links below!



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