The Working Mom Mindset

001 - Intro & Who This Podcast Is For

March 26, 2019 Episode 1
The Working Mom Mindset
001 - Intro & Who This Podcast Is For
The Working Mom Mindset
001 - Intro & Who This Podcast Is For
Mar 26, 2019 Episode 1
Natalie Ihde
Who this podcast is for, the goal of the podcast, and a little about me!
Show Notes

Welcome to The Working Mom Mindset Podcast!! 

I am SO excited you're here, mama! 

Here's the thing...being a mom is rough..being a working's a whole other level of rough. 

This episode tells you a smidge about me, but also tells you who this podcast is for. 

  • This podcast is for all working moms. 
  • Those who choose to work and those who have to work. 
  • Those who work full time, part time, and work from home. 
  • Those who have a side gig and those who sometimes wonder what they can do to supplement their income. 
  • Those who LOVE what they do and those who need to create an exit plan. 
  • The mom who pursued a degree, acquired that dream job and continues to further her education. 
  • The mom who started out with a J.O.B. that ended up becoming a career she enjoys. 
  • The mom who is happy with her current position and wants to advance, just not right now. 
  • The mom who works in a factory. 
  • The mom who works retail. 
  • The mom who is a nurse and practically kills herself working 3-12's so she can be home more often. 
  • This is for the mom who feels like she's drowning - she's overwhelmed - and needs to figure out how to get rid of some of this pressure. 
  • This is for the mom who has a schedule, a cleaning lady, a meal delivery service, and isn't sure why other moms are so stressed. 
  • This is for the mom who may have lost herself in becoming a mom and she's struggling to feel like more than "just" anything. 
  • This is for the mom who never lost herself and may or may not feel a little guilty for that. 

It's for every mom

It's your support system

It's your tribe

It's your way to know you are doing an amazing job as a working mom

Thank you for listening, it means the world to me that you're tuning in and that i can help you!

If you ever need anything, mama...please feel free to reach out. I want to make sure you're okay - and I can just listen or I can help you solve your problem. I want to be part of your tribe!


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