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The Working Mom Mindset; Helping Working Mom Ditch the "Should" and Create A Life They Love and Are Excited About
005 - Succeed at Both Home and Career by Identifying Your Priorities & Focusing Your Energy with Alejandra Zapata
April 10, 2019 Natalie Ihde / Alejandra Zapata

It's the ultimate struggle; succeeding at home and in our careers. "They" told  us we could have it all; amazing career and amazing home life. But they never told us HOW.

Today we're talking with Productivity & Success Coach, Alejandra Zapata about re-evaluating and identifying our priorities and focusing our energy in the right places for us.

2:00 How does Alejandra help working moms?

3:30 Alejandra's background - corporate & how she became a coach for working moms

7:30 If you want to accomplish more, you need become more yourself

9:15 Convincing yourself it's okay to reassess your priorities

9:50 You are your first priority, not your children and not your husband

11:15 Complaining - we all do it

13:40 The thought of "I am worthy"

15:50 What are your dreams and what do you want out of life (that's self care too!)

16:30 Your life purpose - makes a difference in how you approach the day

17:40 How do you maintain focus on your purpose & resist going back to old/bad habits

18:40 Describe the person you want to become; ask what are you doing TODAY to match that identity

19:50 Create a schedule (but it doesn't need to be everyday, just needs to be consistent)

23:00 Start small and be consistent - going a little deeper on this

28:30 Not taking responsibility for your choices

29:20 Saying "NO" to things that don't align with your priorities

31:30 Even when you don't see the results of the changes you're making right away, you need to stay consistent

32:37 Alejandra's key daily habits that will help moms get to that next level

39:00 Gratitude is intentional

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