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Episode 23: A Nightmare On Elm Street 2
August 21, 2015 The Video Graveyard
This week Chris and Josh are joined by Matt Kelly from The Saint Mort Show and Horror Movie Night podcasts to talk all about your favourite razor-handed killer, Freddy Krueger. For our second, more streamlined, movie specific episode we decided to skip the Wes Craven original and dive right into the bizarre, at times, "what were they thinking?" follow-up that is "Freddy's Revenge".

Directed by Jack Sholder this picks up five years after the original and promises some more Freddy, a possession angle you weren't expecting, a bedroom dance sequence so common in 80's flicks, and a whole lot of thinly veiled homosexuality. So join us as we led you through this second venture into Springwood!

But first we'll tell you what we've been watching and talk about such films as Crystal Lake Memories, Lucy, Cheap Thrills, and even Gnaw: Food of the Gods 2!

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