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Episode 31: The Black Hole

November 19, 2015
Show Notes
What lies within The Black Hole? Who decided to let Slim Pickens voice a robot? Just what the hell (literally) is going on in that finale? We ask these questions and more as we take a look at Disney's 1979 sci-fi not-so-epic. This is a movie that scared Josh as a kid but that Chris just watched recently for the first time. How does the experience differ between someone seeing it as a child and a cynical adult finally getting around to seeing this misguided, maligned flick? Tune in to find out!

But first we catch you up with what we've been watching as Josh starts watching another franchise (and thinks it may have been a mistake), we go off the rails a bit to lament Arrow Video being too expensive, and there's a little bit of Ash vs. Evil Dead thrown into the mix - and much more!

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