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Episode 45: Caligula

June 16, 2016
Show Notes
Somehow in 1979, Penthouse hooked up with some Italian filmmakers and "legit" actors like Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren to make a historical film about the life and insanity of Roman Emperor Caligula. Oh, and did I mention they also decided to insert a bunch of hardcore sex while they were at it?

It's a movie that's production history is so damn bizarre and fascinating that it's easy to see why this has gone on to be such a cult movie. Why did this get made? What were they thinking? How many cock close-ups do we possibly need?

We watched Caligula and talk all about it. But first we catch you up on what we've been watching including James Wan's Conjuring 2, a trip back to found footage land, Josh ranting about one of the worst movie's he's (possibly) ever seen, and much more!

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