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Episode 52: American Zombies!

October 20, 2016
Show Notes
With the return of "The Walking Dead" upon us very soon, we've decided to dive into the flesh-eating sub-genre of zombie flicks placing our focus on the American made entries.

We all know that George A. Romero and "Night of the Living Dead" is responsible for reinventing zombies in 1968 but what about what came before that? Was it all just voodoo and non-gut munching? And what do we think are worthy movies that followed in Romero's wake?

Tune in as we talk all about the undead and their cravings for flesh! First we talk about what we've been watching including newer fare like The Love Witch and Train to Busan as well as the torture porn-like home invasion of The Collector, a third trip to the world of The Lost Boys, and the first installment of "JOSH'S VHS ADVENTURES" where our brave co-host tries to pare down his VHS collection and starts with a whole lot of Philip Michael Thomas.

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