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Episode 54: The Big House

November 17, 2016
Show Notes
"Live a life of crime and you do the time."

For this episode we visit 'The Big House'. That's right, we head behind bars to talk all about prison movies. We've excluded women-in-prison (as that is an episode unto itself) but here we talk all about Alcatraz, a couple of Stephen King adaptations, and that time that Jean-Claude Van Damme went undercover in prison to hunt down a serial killer(?!). There's many more flicks set in 'The Joint" that we cover and it would be 'criminal' if you don't listen - I'm done with the silly jokes now.

First off, we talk all about what we've been watching as Josh dusts off another relic of his VHS collection, Chris watches a couple of random sequels, and we look at a couple of Blumhouse releases. Plus much more!

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