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Episode 59: Ryan & Megan Nicholson

January 26, 2017
GBW Podcast
Episode 59: Ryan & Megan Nicholson
GBW Podcast
Episode 59: Ryan & Megan Nicholson
Jan 26, 2017
The Video Graveyard
Show Notes
For episode 59 of GBW we invite two special guests to the show: Ryan and Megan Nicholson.

Ryan's been in the special effects game since way back in the 1990's and has worked on such films as Final Destination, The Pledge, and many more. He also has been directing, under the Plotdigger Films banner, a bunch of memorable extreme horror flicks like Live Feed, Gutterballs, and Hanger.

His wife, Megan, is also an effects artist with varied horror and television credits and along with Ryan works on all sorts of genre endeavours.

We sat down with them both to learn about how they got into horror, became interested in make-up effects, and what the future holds for them both. There's also a lot of laughs along the way and many memorable stories about such people as Jon Voight and Morgan Freeman.

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