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Episode 72: Synapse Films

August 12, 2017
Show Notes
We here at GBW are avid movie collectors and this is one of the greatest times to be one as there are many labels out there delivering the goods. That's why we decided to take a suggestion from a listener and start shining the spotlight on the company's we love.

Our first subject, the quality control obsessed Synapse Films. Formed in 1997, Synapse have delivered so many great titles in their ten years of existence and don't look to be slowing down one bit. If you need your fix of Italian horror, outrageous Asian fare, and low-budget cinema you might not be aware of; Synapse will deliver.

As always we first talk about what we've been watching as Chris finally finishes the Police Academy series, Josh re-watches one of the greatest sex comedies of all-time, there's more stoner comedy on tap, and much more!

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