The Golden Rules

#10 Jon Folk: It's not a Job, it's a Lifestyle

March 28, 2019 Season 1 Episode 10
The Golden Rules
#10 Jon Folk: It's not a Job, it's a Lifestyle
The Golden Rules
#10 Jon Folk: It's not a Job, it's a Lifestyle
Mar 28, 2019 Season 1 Episode 10
Tim Gray / Jon Folk
It's not a Job, it's a Lifestyle
Show Notes

On episode 10 of The Golden Rules, President of Red 11 Talent Agency Jon Folk shares how he build his agency and his golden rules for life and business.

- How he got into the music industry
- How he became successful
- His golden rules for success in life and business

#QOTD: "It's not a job, it's a lifestyle"
#QOTD: "If you need to cut out at 5 or 6 o'clock every night to go home and turn off it's not the right industry for you"

- Fall in love with the day to day
- Treat people with respect
- Never wake up not wanting to go to work
- If you chase the money you could lose the career, if you chase the career the money will come
- Work harder
- Do what you love and do it well
- It takes time and you will know when the tie is right
- Take advantage of opportunities 
- Make an impact
- Become invaluable 
- Build relationships
- You have to really want it

Jon is a 22 Year music industry veteran, booking agent, and entrepreneur, who got his start interning at the booking agency World Class Talent. He then transitioned over to an agency which at the time was one of the largest most successful independent booking agencies in the country, Buddy Lee Attractions. There he began working with artists such as Dixie Chicks, Tracy Lawrence, John Michael Montgomery, Jeff Foxworthy, Mark Chesnutt, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Ronnie Milsap and Bill Monroe. Over the next 15 years, Jon worked his way up to Vice President of the agency alongside other incredible leaders and agents. 

Jon then pivoted toward entrepreneurship and followed his heart to begin working with artists he felt extremely passionate about. He founded the booking agency Red 11 Music which is currently located in Texas and Tennessee. Red 11 is home to a great team of agents and an amazing artist roster that includes Turnpike Troubadours, Charlie Crockett, Travis Meadows, Ole 97's, Jonathan Tyler, Cody Canada, Jack Ingram, Shooter Jennings, and more. 

Jon is a passionate leader and truly loves the music. For him, the song comes first and is closely followed by the live side of the business. His golden rules include falling in love with the day to day, building the audience and the rest will come later, letting the artist be the artist, working harder, making your songs great,  being what you've always wanted to be, and building a great life. When you live by golden rules like that, it's no surprise that he's had the success he has over the last two decades.


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