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The Emptiness Lab Ep. 15: Brandon Chien - Psychedelic Fitness

November 28, 2020
Primal Movers Podcast
The Emptiness Lab Ep. 15: Brandon Chien - Psychedelic Fitness
Show Notes

"You do have a big responsibility (as a trainer) because you're a container - and you have to wash your own container first"

Brandon Chien is a coach looking to find meaning and build resilience in life through an open, fluid and inquisitive set of physical, mental and spiritual practices. In this wide-ranging conversation, we speak about some of his experiences as a trainer, athlete, mentor and explorer of consciousness. Strength and endurance are often concepts that become easily compartmentalized in the health and fitness world, but guys like Brandon seek to bridge the gaps between internalized practices and the experiences we all have as humans interacting with the world. When these experiences are freely shared, we may all benefit.

Whether you´re a coach, athlete or just someone interested in personal exploration and wellbeing, I reckon you'll enjoy this chat and have a chance to reflect upon the identities we bring to our practices and how malleable they actually are. We can be strong in so many ways and physicality is such a great lens through which we can enter the gates of deeper self-awareness, maturity, humility and compassion. 

Thanks for listening and please share this and other episodes with your friends. Feel free to get in touch via email if you´d like to share your experiences too!

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