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The Emptiness Lab Ep. 19: Brandon Quittem - Bitcoin & the Psychedelic Archetype

March 23, 2021
Primal Movers Podcast
The Emptiness Lab Ep. 19: Brandon Quittem - Bitcoin & the Psychedelic Archetype
Show Notes

"... The mycelial archetype appears to be embedded into our species. Over time, network based structures continually appear whether due to embedded wisdom or blind luck. These Mycelial inspired network technologies, once discovered, seem to persist due to their antifragile nature"

Brandon Quittem is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and passionate Bitcoiner. His articles have been read by more than 2 million people online including a fascinating exploration of the parallels between Bitcoin and mycelium and the Forth Turning generational theory as it applies to the emergence of Bitcoin. Links to all his writings can be found on his website.

I´ve been deep in the crypto rabbit hole recently - as so many others have been it seems - and wanted to learn more about the emerging narrative behind Bitcoin and how it´s growth appears to resemble key aspects of psychedelic consciousness and meaning. There are a number of fascinating thinkers out there who are asking new questions, drawing upon archetypes of the past and painting a picture of a future revolving around a sovereign place on the blockchain. The world is changing before our eyes. 

The Primal Movers podcast and the Emptiness Lab is a place to explore our nature and share our experiences as we go. It´s a wildly interesting mystery we live in - truly a golden era of history that only asks us all to stand up and take on the task of being fully human. Brandon really helped DJ & I think through these new ideas relating to money, wealth & personal sovereignty. I´m sure you´ll enjoy this conversation. We had a couple of of connection issues that I edited out (perhaps the overlords we listening in?!), but otherwise it was all good.

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