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The Emptiness Lab Ep. 24: Shane Mauss - Comedy, Science & Psychedelics

June 01, 2021
Primal Movers Podcast
The Emptiness Lab Ep. 24: Shane Mauss - Comedy, Science & Psychedelics
Show Notes

.. "Our ability to be able to research things from other animals points of view... is such a great way to pop out of ourselves a bit and see things a little more objectively and bring out that alien anthropologist point of view. It´s something scientists do well, comedians do well and psychedelics do well..."

Shane Mauss is a comedian, podcaster, science and psychedelic enthusiast and modern day explorer of human nature. I´ve followed Shane´s wide-ranging corpus of material for some years now and was so happy to finally get the opportunity to talk on the podcast. Naturally, the discussion was a light-hearted probe into the strangeness and beauty of science and human experience, alongside ways to be serious about not getting too caught up in what we´ve decided reality looks like. Shane is well known known for his vivid and humorous tales of the psychedelic realm - which we talk about in terms of nuance, rather than dogmatism - as well as ideas for handling what we´re presented with in daily life.

Comics have a special way of communicating important ideas to wider audiences. Science included. Something mainstream media, politics, academia and much of pop-culture simply cannot do so well at all. If you´re at all fed up with being told how to do things this way or that and simply want to listen to someone who as explored a LOT of territory, you´ll dig this episode. It was one of our favourites so far. Do check out Shane´s Here We Are Podcast as well as his new one with Ramin Nazer Mind Under Matter and his movie Psychonautics

Following the interview, DJ & I continue on with some thoughts and ideas that came to mind so be sure to stick it out to the end! 

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