Podcast Raleigh

Russ Jones, Loden Properties (Part 1)

December 14, 2019 Ashton & Hayes Season 1 Episode 36
Podcast Raleigh
Russ Jones, Loden Properties (Part 1)
Show Notes

Russ Jones' family has a history of building things in Raleigh, including Crabtree Valley Mall. Now a partner at Loden Properties, Jones has his own portfolio of projects, including the redeveloped Gateway Plaza and the upcoming Longleaf hotel on the north side of downtown. We broke up our interview with Russ into two parts--in this first one we talk about some of that family history, how a few key developers helped shape Raleigh, and the past and current development of the aforementioned Gateway project. In part two, we'll focus on the Longleaf, and Raleigh's independent hotel scene in general.

Before the interview, we discuss the Enloe Charity Ball, Dreamville Festival tickets going on sale, a new planned development near downtown, and WHY ARE PEOPLE RUNNING AROUND WITH NO CLOTHES ON?!

Special thanks to our sponsor, Steele Residential--check them out for buying, selling or renting!

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