The Pen & The Yad
Vayeshev: Joseph and Where Does Greatness Come From?
Vayeshev: Joseph and Where Does Greatness Come From? 10:43 Vayishlach: The Often Unseen Power of Women in the Torah 13:52 Vayetzei: I Have a Dream, Now What? 13:34 Toldot: Wisdom, Our Parents, and Redigging the Wells of Tradition 12:35 Chayei Sara: Abraham and His Descendants and the Ownership of Land 13:52 Vayera: Does the Arc of Justice Stop at Sodom and Gomorrah? 13:50 Lech Lecha: Lot: The Bibles First Hostage 16:26 Noach: Hamas in the Midst of the Flood 14:39 Bereshit: The Power of Words to Create and To Destroy 12:51 Special Episode: War with Gaza 13:56 Simchat Torah: Celebrating the Entire Jewish Community in the Embrace of the Torah 9:57 Sukkot: Enjoying the Imperfect Sukkah of Peace 11:02 Ha’azinu / Shabbat Shuva: The Role of National Shuva 15:14 Rosh Hashanah Episode: 80th Anniversary of the Rescue of Danish Jewry 14:01 Nitzavim-Vayelech: What, Me Worry? 13:34 Ki Tavo: The Dangers of Procrastination 11:50 Ki Teitzei: The Power of a Birds Nest: How Small Acts Can Have a Huge Effect 13:02 Shoftim: The Relevant Lesson of the Song Dovid Melech Yisrael 13:07 Re’eh: The Torah and Artificial Intelligence 14:49 Eikev: What Can the Idea of Mitzvot Teach Us About Climate Change? 13:34 Vaetchanan: Causeless Hatred Amongst Brothers and Sisters and the Path To Comfort 17:49 Devarim: The Purpose of a Memoir 14:43 Matot-Masei: War—What is It Good For? 17:23 Pinchas: Standing for Something: Rosa Parks and the Daughters of Zelophehad 13:00 Chukat: The Philosophy of Death and Life 15:08